1. Williams says:

    Dallas Mavs in 6?
    I don’t know about basketball as much as you do charles but I really hope /pray that they win.
    Just want Dirk and jason kid to have a ring.

    Next year, i don’t care who win.

    Fan of yours always

    • Andrew says:

      Mavs in 6? wow! with all due respect sir Charles, when are you gonna give the Heat the credit they deserve? They are defying your predictions over and over again. Im starting to feel that your just praying and hoping for a miracle right now. The Heat will win in 5 if not a sweep! Your gonna have to admit it sooner or later, you are wrong about the Heat!

    • David says:

      Miami will still win the series in five games. I don’t think that after the fiasco that Miami heats just went thru last night losing a game after being 15 points ahead with only 7 minutes to go into the game, they will take the Mavericks likely next time around.

      The facts are that the coach and its assistant coaches lost the second game and it is a shame. The Miami’s weakest link right now is really the coach and its coaching staff. They did not rest it is star players good enough during the game or even rotate them properly like they were supposed to do as well as they were using unnecessary time outs during the game which left them with no possible time outs in the last minute of the game. They did very bad rotations, especially during the last five minutes of the game plus never kept no even a 20 seconds time out for the last minute to give the Miami heat players a second chance to tight up the game or recover or settle them down. “That’s bad coaching, people”.

      A good coach knowing that he is 15 points ahead of the game should have never told its players to slow down the game and use all 24 seconds before shooting, they were passing the ball around too much plus letting the Dallas defensive players setup before taking all the shots at the basket.

      In addition, the coaching staff was also using unnecessary time outs. When? after the Miami heats were scoring at will, they should have left the players continue playing instead of celebrating as well as they should have left the Dallas players and their coaching staff used their time outs instead of theirs.

      How can a team winning by 15 points with only seven minutes to go into the game doesn’t have enough time outs for the last minute of the game. Only a rookie coaching staff, make that type of mistakes. Also, How can a coach with the type of players that it have on hand doesn’t have a good and wise rotation to insure its star players don’t get tire or burn out during the game? That’s telling me that he is not trusting its bench players at all.

      Dallas did not win the second game, the facts are that the coaching staff of Miami decided to give them a gift to make the series a little bit more interesting due to their lack of good coaching, and players rotation during the game.

  2. Jamaal Bryant says:

    Mr. Barkley, once again your assessment is right on. Miami’s defense is impressive, but Dallas controlled that game with minimal input from their bench, and if they scrap the zone and man up, they should take care of their rebounding woes. I like Dallas in 7.

  3. Angelgrne says:

    Mr. Barkley I think one day a long long time ago you wished you played for the MIami Heat. I’ve never seen anyone who is a TV correspondent and acts the way you do. What is the first rule of TV reporting? Not to be bias. In every single series you have made yourself very clear that you despised the Heat. I give Dallas credit come on you have to they’re in the finals, but the Heat deserves just as much credit. Give credit where credit is due and by the way I think you should know by now the Miami downtown traffic it takes time to get there so if were not at our seats by tip off, you know why but its full iby the end of 1st qtr. am I correct? Second if you daughter throws like Wade (the comment you made on Tuesday) I hope one day she joins the WNBA. Go Heat!

  4. MBDUNK2 says:

    LeBron James is a better basketball player then you ever were, so you need to stop talking garbage about him and the heat.

  5. MBDUNK2 says:

    Miami in 6.

  6. Marfa says:

    Mr. Barkley, I’m just going to be short and (not) sweet, if you can’t take THE HEAT get out of kitchen fool.

  7. Moebetter3423 says:

    Guess you guys who picked the Heat to win kicking yourselves now huh? To say Lebron is better than Hall of Fame player Charles Barkley you must be smoking some of that good dust. In his prime Charles would own Lebron I take nothing away from him I just give credit, straight basketball I.Q. advantage to Charles. Better luck next year to the Heat they need more production off the bench players I just felt that after the decision that they just threw players on the team to fill out the roster come n son Juwan Howard? seriously? Charles keep on doing what you been doing been a true fan of yours since forever. For instance 92-93 season you had a remarkable playoff run against the Seattle Sonics watched you 6″5 or 6″4′ pull like 5 straight rebounds while surrounded by S.Kemp, S.Perkins, D.Shremp(however you spell his name). All I have to say is this if you Hate Charles Barkley Stay off his Website when you don’t know what the hell your talking bout

  8. Sean says:

    Looks like Sir Charles was spot-on. LOL

  9. Loki says:

    Sir charles, you are a genius. I believed in you when you said “in 6” cause im a mavs fan.

    for all those who doubted the mavs, and charles… IN YOUR FACE!!!


    How can you compare Labron James to a Magic Johnson.When Magic came into the league a winner.Everyone want’s to give Micheal Jordan the best player to play the game .To me he was the best athelete to play the game.He can do things no other athlete in his time could do.But when it comes to the best all around player to play the game it has to be Magic Johnson.He could play 5 positions,don’t forget he could score when needed,like his rookie year in the finals when Kareem went down,he scored 42 points.Don’t forget if he had not gotten the HIV virus he may have gotten a couple more rings and everyone would be talking about Magic.Labron James does not have the killer mentality of a Magic Johnson,Micheal Jorden,Kobe Bryant.He is not a winner.HE may wind up with one or two rings but never on the level of the two MJ’S.YOU are correct to give him Scottie pippen status,but he should never be given a Magic Johnson status.

  11. Allen Iverson says:

    How many people question Charles saying Dallas would win in 6 now?

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