It is the final Inside the NBA of the season, so Ernie and guys give out some shout outs and go fishin’ one last time.


  1. Smurf says:

    Reeling in a shark as we speak. Ready for more!! Dallas in 7. Emperor…the stage is yours…

  2. isaias says:

    Why do you dislike the Heat? It is obvious that you do when you seem like you eat your words and struggle talking great about the Heat. The only reason i tune in after the game on TNT station is to listen to what non-sense you will say next. Word of advice, stay un-biased or let someone else do the job right.

  3. Mac McCay says:

    Dear Charles,

    There is something I have been looking for a place to share with you. You are a public personality who walks the edge of commentary/reporting. Occasionally you wander too far and you apologize as a man apologizes, because you are a man. This is most impressive.

    More impressive is admitting you have a problem and dealing with it. That is beyond manhood, it is true character.

    You never played for teams I rooted for so I did not like you as a player. ( I know you will appreciate the praise in this comment.)

    Since your playing days you have shown me the strength of character you showed as a player. People often take one’s personae on the court as the real person. In your case, it was 100% genuine. I cannot thank you enough for what you have shared with me on television since your retirement.

    mac McCay
    Vancouver, USA

  4. David P says:

    Can you, EJ and Smith please talk about how these referees are giving these outrageous calls to the Miami Heat, namely Lebron James. I understand that the NBA is 200% against talking negatively against the referees but this is really getting out of hand. As an NBA fan it is very disturbing to see these referries having such control of the game.

  5. Quinton Peterson says:

    Chuck what’s up with the suits. Like the look

  6. steven bullock aka air steven 23 says:

    A charles i meet you at capital grill in philly like 2008 and you were cool now who do you think will win the championship i think or know miami and i prodicted kobe and the lakers for two years who the two teams will be thier what happen in the lakers locker room so they played terrible against dallas# ? magic said it too….????

  7. Carl says:

    Hey Charles,

    Did you happen to see what Mike Bibby did during the final game with the Bulls? Last minuet of the game, Derrick Rose was shooting last 2 fouls, during the first foul shot, check the left hand corner of the screen! Just as Derrick was shooting the 1st foul, Bibby threw a white towel, eye level from in front of Rose, toward the heat’s bench, Derrick missed the shot. During the 2nd foul shot, Bibby was on the bench to the right of Rose, and through another white towel at eye level toward the crowd in behind the basket, it landed on the floor just behind the basket, Rose missed the 2nd foul shot. The timing was perfect when Bibby threw the 2 towels. Check out the video of the last fouls Derrick rose was shooting in the final game. (Heat vs Bulls Eastern finals). Just thought you might be interested in that. Wonder if anybody else saw it?


  8. Bill says:

    Sir Charles
    Please tell me what professional sport did Septhen a. Smith play?

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