1. jdon says:

    Did anyone catch the last dunk by Jet.. if you slow down the picture the buzzer went off with .02 left on the clock.. his points should have counted….GO MAVS!!!

  2. Ann Travis says:

    I really wish Charles and TNT would have carried the Western Finals with the Mavs and Thunder. It was clear the Vangundy and team were not fond of Dallas, which really distorted their comments. It was really hard to listen to, I am a Mavs fan, comments should be some what equal don’t you think. Hope you guys carry the finals…

    • Abe says:

      I felt the same way about Steve Kerr announcing for the Bulls/Heat series. I found it odd an ex-Bull to be saying so many more positive stuff about Miami and seem to be rooting for the big 3. I didn’t mind Reggie that much or Marv Albert, but at times it was clear that they were leaning towards the Heat especially in all the close games.

  3. I take offense to wasting my life having to watch come girl hula hoop.. anyone can hula hoop.. but Hula is a sacred martial art and repository of native Hawaiian culture.. why not get real hula girls dancing Hawaiian music and get the little girl who never grew up OFF THE BASKETBALL COURT.. Aloha

  4. Mike says:

    Chuck, you can’t fit in a hula hoop.

  5. layne says:

    chuck i thought you fixed that golf swing what happened to that coach that was going to fix you and y no more funny t-mobile commercials

  6. keenas says:

    Just saw you on half time of game 7. Nothing like shameless advertising!

  7. Rodney Koger says:

    Charles, what should the OKC organization do with R.Westbrook. He has great talent but, they will not win any thing if he keeps putting up 25 shots a game.

  8. mrmaintain365 says:

    Chuck Chicago gotta use kurt thomas and incorporate gibson to win this series….. PS tell Rose to GO TO THE HOLE TILL IT CLOSES THEN SHOOT THE BALL OUTSIDE TILL HIS ARM GETS TIRED…… THAT’S WHAT JORDAN AND THE GREATS HAVE DONE…..

  9. tony rucinsky says:

    Hey Charles, if watch the play before the boozer “flagrant” on James, lebron hit Carlos in the face with no call. Enjoy watch you and miss watching ya play ball.
    Thanks Charles

  10. drtwine10 says:

    Charles, come on now!!! I loved you back in the day w/ the Sixers. I’m from Jersey across the bridge, but you have been trippin/hating on Miami from the get go. Then you say when the Bulls get thumped D rose had to go up against a 6’8 260lb player come on you didn’t know that from the beginning. I just think your hating too much and let it go before your blood pressure shoots up!!! Who from the Mavs are going to be able to stick Labron and Wade? Didn’t you even say the Heat wasn’t going to make it to the “SHIP” this year? Don’t lie or I’ll roll the video tape!! Take a breath Chuck and then hit me back !!!! Drtwine10 (jersey)

    • Abe says:

      I’ll tell you why Charles is Hating on the Heat. He’s annoyed like everyone because years ago superstars worked with their teammates to make a run to the championship. Real professionals didn’t conspire to form an alliance to try and have something that is earned. Plus it’s not James’ 6’8 frame and the Heat that stopped D Rose and the Bulls; it’s the 29 more free throws in the series that the Heat were able to take advantage of. Charles keep hating cause as good as the Heat are, they needed all the help they could get considering the Bulls won every statistical category except one. That’s right Free Throws, Damn Stripes. GO MAVS!!

  11. Al says:

    LeWink strikes again. Faked fouls. When will the ref’s catch on? This is disappointing for the NBA I think Miami is a better team in the long run and would have won the title, but this sucks. How about real basketball with real talent? what’s going on? NBA going for ratings? Argh? Maybe I’ll watch baseball.

  12. Dallas is going to win. Miami has a good team. But. …Dallas dirk ,kidd ,and crew really can shoot the basketball 🙂 Tnt coverage would have been better covering Dallas and OKC.Let ESPN cover Miamis crazy fans with the towels Charles you earned your money for that brodcast that night.

  13. Sherry says:

    Heat Haters: Enjoy the view!,,,
    Burn your own jerseys!!
    Boo your own team!!!
    Cry in your own locker!,,
    The HEAT is IN IT TO WIN IT!,,,

  14. dromance1 says:

    Real Men and Athletes turn down the volume on the TV, do not listen to sport radio, and stop reading these less then manly sports news columns and these ADD Blogs, WATCH THE GAMES AND MAKE YOUR OWN TRUE JUDGEMENT.

  15. John Cav. says:

    In the words of chuck. “that’sa terrable idea”

  16. dromance1 says:

    MVP……..Derick Rose had a wonderful season and had a MVP season for his team. Fine job Derick Rose. However can some one fill in some blanks for me? How many votes did LeBron James get for MVP?…….Who did the voting for the MVP?………..How many did not even place LeBron James name on the ballot?……..How did LeBron James play against the MVP?………For those who did not place LeBron James on the ballot, are they still employed and why?….They should be fired and never ever never ever be heard from again!

  17. Lil Wade says:

    Charles –
    You can be fired up about the big 3 in Miami, but tell me that it was wrong for the NBA to start the game broadcast with this is the game between “Good and Evil”. I dont want to be as ignorant as the producers that let that air, but are we saying the best players in the game (on the Heat) are EVIL !!!??? LBJ and D Wade are EVIL!?!?

    PLEASE – TNT would have never done THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Charles – I’m counting on you to correct folks !
    Thank You.

  18. Corey says:

    When will the NBA quit trying to make more money by making the finals go longer than they need to!!!

  19. Corey says:

    The NBA need to quit cheating for the funky Dallas Mavericks!!!

  20. Corey says:

    Nobody touch Jason Kidd old ass!

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