Chuck and his panel of peers discuss the drastic changes that Chicago will have to implement to stay paced with Miami.


  1. Verdell says:

    I’m pulling for the Heat this year because I like Wade. I believe the Bulls will be fine in years to come. They just need to work on their bench players, maybe add some lenght in the paint and keep playing together. Most important is bench because it’s going to be hard to get more talent on the floor than the Heat unless the Bulls picked up Kobe and D Howard.

  2. Aimee says:

    Why are you such a miami hater !?!?!?!

  3. maurice jackson says:

    Chuck love you! O boy its a wrap for Da Bulls!

  4. maurice jackson says:

    ROSE IS amazing basketball player. MVP. The Bulls defense fatique was big a factor. Heat desire to win was there.

  5. Joe says:

    BOSH IS THE BOSS!!! If the Bulls shut down Chris Bosh thats the inside game locked down and let Wade; LeBron and team try to win the game from the outside… The Bulls will have a chance and comeback.

    Chuck people got to show Bosh some love because its Bosh who is the X Factor for the Heat and he has been very consistant. No Im not a Bosh fan but I do respect his game and he is doing so much damage in the playoffs.

    The Heat have done so well and can go all the way BUT its Bosh that The Bulls or Mavs needs to close down and let the others win the game and you will see the Bulls or the Mavs can beat them.

    Man I miss the old players… like Charles Barkley back in the 60’s with the 76ers lol my bad… My dream team since Im here. Starting 5: Hakeem; Kemp; Barkley; Jordan and Magic bench: Pippen; Bird; Shaq; McHale; Worthy; Stockton; Malone and Miller…. damn cant forget G Payton.


  6. Ray Wesolowski says:

    Are the referees calling for the Heat? Maybe. They are getting to the foul line twice as often as the Bulls. What made this answer a “yes” for me was when the Heat inbounded the ball with six players on the court. As the heat player approached center court after taking three dribbles, the referee stop action and reset the play instead of awarding a technical foul against the heat for having too many men on the court. Disgracefull !!!

    • don says:

      n they also called Lebron for a charge that cuda lost Miami the game…smh. WUD U GUYS PLZ STOP!!! LEBRON IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA…PERIOD!!! What’s the use, in ten years yall all b sayn the same thing…n in 5 years Rose won’t b an allstar. Watch…smh

      • Ray Wesolowski says:

        So you’re saying it wasn’t an offensive foul on LeBron? Did you see the previews for the new movie with Cameron Diaz ? “Bad Teacher”. Talk to me when LeBron has six championships. Hello, Mr. Dirk !!!

  7. Ray Wesolowski says:

    What’s up with the P C NBA commercial telling me that I shouldn’t use the word “gay” as a literary term because it may be offensive to homosexuals. Maybe Mr. Stern should instead promote reading starting with Oscar Wilde. No, wait. The NBA might then tell me I shouldn’t use the word “dandy”. On a positive note, great commercials with the talking basketball especially the one with Dr. J and the one with Magic.

  8. Hoop4him says:

    WOW! What an exciting series. Miami played well and I am happy for them. Only one last challenge to defeat and we will celebrating with the HEAT! Let’s go MIAMI!!!

  9. Ray says:

    “To the victor goes the spoils!” Unfortunetly for you, the spoils of the finals will go to Mr. Dirk & the Mavs!!!

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