All of the Insiders identify some of the major adjustments that the Miami Heat will have to make to try and limit Chicago in Game 2.


  1. ray says:

    hey Chuck do u think loul deng is underrated

  2. Jacques Joseph says:

    The referees have the bad habbit to even games with bad calls lately… we all know, it only needs a spark to change a game…the thing is at least, they need to be consistent on the calls… can’t happen that Dirk got calls every time somebody touch him and Dwayne & LeBron have to be bleeding to get some…
    Even a 6 years old kid can notice the Bulls should be called every play with a 3 second defensive violation… not calling it at least, most of the times, cut the wings to a team like Miami whom like to penetrate a lot…

  3. Hadji says:

    The Bulls are going to beat the Heat, the Heat are good only b/c of Wade and Lebron…only problem is it takes a team to win a championship (and mostly it takes some defense!).

    Which is why I also pick the Thunders to make it to the Finals Charles, although you gave it to the Mavs. I don’t believe the Mavs defense is good enough to stop OKC from making it to the Finals. Now although I’m hoping OKC can get past the Bulls at the NBA finals…it won’t be an easy match up.


    • TheTruth says:

      you said it take a team to win a championship and thats true. but It only takes a team that has consistence players to win a championship and the players in the Bulls beside Rose are not consistence. Thats why the Heat will win because 3 consistence player are better then a team full of unconsistence players. The Bulls with Rose are like the 76ers with A. Iverson and that team never won a ring for one player can only get you so far. Ask Lebron.

  4. Nigel says:

    i just want to know when the referees are going to start calling the bulls vs heat evenly. bad refereeing in the last two games. we see what happens when calls are even at both ends of the court, not just at one end. the heat does not need any help they have all the superstars, but yet the refs are on their side helping them. call the game even so we can see which team is the better team.

  5. jonathan says:

    hey chuck why rose can take it one on one n stop the pick n roll nobody can stop him one one that’s why he is mvp

  6. TheTruth says:

    Chuck,Kenny and even Chris predicted the Bulls to win the series between them and the Heat. Kenny and Charles were wrong about they prediction on the Heat vs Celtic series. They said the Celtic were going to win. The Heat proved them wrong. I promise you that the Heat will once again prove them wrong when they beat the Bulls either 4-1 or 4-2. It seems like everybody forgets about the damage the Heat can do. And must i remind you, the Miami Heat team thats playing now is not the same Miami Heat team that played doing the regular season.

  7. Dean says:

    Heres to: Charles “ALL BARK AND NO BITE” ley

    GO HEAT!

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