1. LosDolfan says:

    You might have been right with San Antonio series and the Laker’s series but you are not going to be right about the Heat series.

  2. Lynn Stevens says:

    I don’t think it matters much. The NBA should have the word Entertainment after it, as in WWE. Some of the calls are ridiculous. David Stern is dictating who is winning each and every game. Some of the calls are horrendous. Go Mavs! Signed, Lebron Hater

  3. Tim cronin says:

    You need to be wearing Allen Edmonds custom shoes.

    Contact me and we can make that happen

  4. Ed Johnson says:

    Hey Charles , Im a lifetime Sixers fan ! We loved you when you were with the Sixers. You are doing an outstanding job with Kenny , Ernie and Chris . . . Keep up the good work !!! Ed

  5. Walter says:

    I hate that on your “Ask Charles” segment you always get asked stupid questions. Obviously a lot of people have no regard for your vast knowledge of basketball. I remember when Michael Jordan had esteemed you as having one of the highest basketball IQs he had ever encountered. My question to you is why wasn’t Kevin Durant’s name mentioned for the MVP. He is the youngest player to win back to back scoring titles.

  6. carlos lopez says:

    Joakim, deng and gidson are beasts out there on the defensive end. Looks like the heat are going to play educated ball in this series. They kind of look like the lakers did against the mavs. The match ups aren’t favorable for them.

  7. alex says:

    ay why do yall guys love to see miami heat fail…is it cause you felt what we did was unnecessary or is it cause your jealous.. the world celebrates wen we lose lmao yall put in your little jokes on miami … but its ok cause we got a suprise for yall boys hate is wat we use to and tnt beside webber is clearly ones…miami chnge the nba and made history so dnt hate on them cause they get all the publicity and u try to take the opposite side nd dog them…..jus gonna make us stronger

  8. the bulls heat game is fixed . the refs are making up bs calls. nfl rules !


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