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  1. Alim says:

    When Lebron James took off that jersey after that last game in Cleveland, I said he was not retuning.Everybody said he should’nt go to Miami to play with D-Wade HE WAS LEAVING TO WIN A TITLE he was a one man show with the cavs, scoring thirty & forty pts. a nite.People said Jordan would not have played with Magic or Bird Jordan had Pipen & the rest of those guys who were much better players then the cavs have where was he supose to go? Magic, had a whole team of superstars & great players on the team & so did Bird & they needed all those players to win those titles.I was glad he left the cavs he’s a grown man he knows they wasn’t going to win a tiltle in clevland, & everybody in clevland curseing him white folks getting all racial they should have curse the organization & that silly ass owner who don’t deserve to have another superstar suit up in a cavs uniform & call the next star all the names like they called Lebron.What I didn’t like is the way he left that team.If I was him I just would have said i’m done here without all the other stuff but thats what he wanted to do so what,I hope he gets that ring in june just to add another dagger in the hearts of those silly ass fake ass fans, & owner in clevland.

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