1. Lyndon Harris says:

    Lebron James knew he would play for the Miami Heat before he left the Cleveland Cavaleirs. In a post game interview last season after they beat the Heat, he said no one in the NBA should wear the #23. That’s because he knew he couldn’t wear the #23 in Miami because Jordan’s number is retired in Miami!

    • karma says:

      Miami is just pissing me off the Big 3 s its annoying. Just play real basketball with a real team effort.

      • The Artist says:

        Miami Heat all the way…when you’re good nobody like you! when they were losing, it was all smiles….every team member plays their role on the Heat…no matter how small a equates to wins…Rose can handle their D’ to much for the short man!

      • Ron says:

        I’m not a Miami and not a huge fan of basketball in general. But.. I’ve talked alot about the Miami Heat this year and it seems most “non-Miami” or “non-Mav” fans are routing for Miami due to the childish rhetoric the way Lebron jumped ship with Cleveland. Then you toss in all the trash talked about how the Heat performed while trying to figure each other out and their sluggish start. There is the major reason alone why fans are pulling for the Heat to win it this year. Yes, I died inside when my favorite player left Detroit and retired. (Barry Sanders) Did I hate him? Hell no! There are always issues that the common fan won’t fully understand. Love the game, love the players, and miss them when they’re gone… Hate is so childish. And about not liking “The Big 3.” They tend to put up the stats day in and out so it is what it is. All sports are a team effort and win like that. But you can always win championships in ANY sport with a powerful 3-man combination.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Really Barkley…the Thunder gonna get knocked out….Newsflash they are not playing LA Mudpuddles, I mean Lakers; they are playing Memphis. I dare ya to show up bro…WIN or lose we got the class….Bright Lights Big City we may not be but we all heart brother

  3. robert hines says:

    Their should be a playoff system for the nba draft the winner gets the first pick second place get the number two pick so on so on I think that would be different I don’t want to see a bunch of balls and envlopes make the teams earn it. What do you think?

  4. Jonathan says:

    The year your Phoenix Suns made it to the NBA Finals and loss against the Bulls, is there any one player, or strategy that you thought about afterward or even now that you think could have gotten you guys the upperhand in that series?

  5. Tommy says:

    Do you think the heat has the juice to win the championship?

  6. Tim roggenbuck says:

    Chuck who would be on the all time ugly NBA team? Sam I am, pippin, Denis rodman, ect….

  7. Paulo Barroca says:

    Ei Chuck, i´m writing from Portugal, men i’m betting in this game, and i’m a little scared…you said you think Miami will win it, but i trust the heart of Celtics players…men i don´t know what to do!?!!?
    Congratulations on your huge carreer, but please..stop the golf and the spanish!!!…

  8. Gibbs says:

    Hey Chuck! .”Do the Stanky-Leg!”

  9. Patrick Ezewiro says:

    Is lebron better than michael jordan or kobe bryant

  10. Adi says:

    Hey Chuck, What do you think about Dallas Mavericks, who have proved everyone wrong by just making it into NBA Finals. Do you think Memphis can follow same steps by beating Thunders?

  11. Adi says:

    western conference finals**

  12. isai madrid says:

    well all i can say is that man i wanted the lakers to win but wooooooooooooooo the BULLS BABY BOI they Hot like mami ya digg!!!

  13. Kevin says:

    Why doesn’t OKC get any respect from you guys? If they lose the game, you all talk about how great the winning team played and if they win the game, you all talk about how great the other team played in a losing effort. That is instead of talking about what the Thunder did well. What do they have to do to get some respect and win are you coming to OKC?

  14. Keith says:

    Why don’t you all give the Thunder any credit? If they lose the game, you all talk about how great the winning team played (which is understandable), but if they win the game, you all talk about how great the other team played in a losing effort. What do they have to do to get any respect and when are you coming to OKC?

    • Red says:

      IMO, OKC doesn’t get any respect because of the perception that we “stole” the seattle supersonics” Go back and check out Barkleys comments about moving an NBA team to OKC. Not very nice and certainly not true.

  15. karma says:

    I like dwane wades a great player as well as lebron obvisiouly they are not playing tired but chicago i think will beat them becuase its entire team effort. But really the okc and grizzlies game is going to be a good tonight will make up for the day I had still trying to put on a brave face but today. Trying to think positve okc grizzlies game will put me in a better mood.with a beer and nachos. I think the west teams are really unpredictable and more entertaining to watch.

  16. Sherry says:

    Charles- excessive celebration? What else do you have to say?
    Enough already. Give then their due. 8-2 in Playoffs. 4-0 at home. It is not over yet but meanwhile they are in it.

    The “non- closer” had 10 points and 2 defensive plays in under 2 minutes at the end of the game.

    Excessive celebration? James and Wade hugged Doc Rivers. Celtics walked off. If LeBron had done that you wouldn’t stop talking.

    They are in the conference finals in 5 games.

    Let ‘em celebrate.

  17. Delores says:

    Hello Mr. Barkley,
    I enjoy the half time reports and follow up reports for the NBA playoffs. Would you
    consider mentoring Zach Randolph on how to be a champion if he would accept
    your help? He could improve body language, practice how he comes across and
    speaks to the media. He has great potential for being a champion athlete if he
    could refine some areas and have a champion’s mentality. Please do not share
    on the air.
    A mother and grandmother who like to see young people reach their fullest potential!!!

  18. Blake says:

    Another great chat, thanks again Charles and as long as your website is updated with fresh content each week I will keep coming back – dig the movie reviews.

  19. kenny unokesan says:

    dear charles

    i watch chakie chan right now
    hi jumped in the snow and become as short as nate robinson
    do u think that he can dunk now ?

  20. charlotte chaney says:

    Charles you look wonderful with your tie on.

  21. flg says:

    I hated the suit tonight you look like Craig dressed you LOL!!!!!

  22. rosemarie brooks says:

    sir charles your predictions have been very accurate for this years playoffs keep up the good work it makes you very attractive!!!!!!

  23. cal shummon says:

    Charles the B.U.L.L.S. stand for Basketball’sUnitedLivingLifeSuccessfully
    D-Rose is one class act young supergifted humble young man,and his teammates represent all that encompasses goog sportsmanship and competitive power.all the best Charles your one great guy.

    • nathan doyle says:

      I love watching you on the t-mobile reports and ofcoarse you’re old player days. I’m in fort worth, you and me were the only ones saying the mavs were going all the way this year. I don’t think bulls are quite championship material but time will tell. Miami I think could over take them if lebron and wade get hot. If they don’t then yea bulls will take em. OKC have alot of issues to work out before they become real contenders. They struggled against the grizzlies which are also not quite there. OKC needs better defense and grizzlies need a more rounded out offense. I think both teams are predictable.

  24. biwas says:

    i think maimi heat will win the series….. i love the way the big three plays…. its their time to shine…i think chicago bulls got lucky…..derrick rose is a good player but not a best player……on a point gaurd i think chris paul is great but rudy gay and westbrook are much better……..better than derrick rose….. i was very sad the way you led out the mvp award… because for me the winner was kevin durrant…… just look at him…. he is getting better and better every year……now the series in chicago will flip… maimi heat will win all four games….. i love to see a final…… tyhe game between heat and thunder…. it will be a great match….. lbj vs kd, d wade vs r brook and c bosh vs hayden……. wow gonna be a great finale…………

  25. Mahoganey Brown says:

    I think the Heat are over rated. They have two of the most dynamic players in the NBA but they have no bench and they dont have a great coach. They play suspect defense and they are only good in the open court. But I’m picking them in the series against the Bulls just because Wade and Bron Bron can get you 75 points between the two of them and if they play half decent defense, they can shut the Bulls down.

    • The Artist says:

      your words are wind right now….Bosh to the rescue…thats why pregame blabber from Barkley is like watch a cartoon. Wade and Bron won’t get any credit even if they win a title…because of all the haters haters haters…Heat in 6! post that up!

  26. jonathan says:

    the mavs will sweep thunders in 4 games and charles iam a big fan of yours and when every your here for the playoff mavs and thunders could i get you to singe my sun jersey of you it would mean a lot to me

  27. kenny says:

    Hey charles, do you think JJhickson for the cavs will live up to his potential and become a potential all-star

  28. Cory Cooper says:

    Charles, what is your idea of the perfect dinner? Steak, Seafood…ect. Also, are you an Elvis fan?


    Cory Cooper
    Elvis Historian and Media Consultant

  29. MAVSFAN-NATE says:

    White Mamba is out…here in Dallas we call him Ghost Face Drilla…Ben and Skin came up with that off there espn dallas radio show.

  30. PABLO S says:

    WHY WHILE HEAT AND BULLS REST FOR 4 DAYS DALLAS AND OKLAHOMA ONLY 2 DAYS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Edward Scott says:

    Do you think the Bulls have enough gas to beat the heat?

  32. Linton acliese says:

    Hey was up Charles, feel’s as if I know u personally….because of watching u hoop growing up, and now watching u on tnt…..My name is linton out of Richmond California….. Went to school at Tuskegee Alabama where I won a football championship…. I heard u mention that u were helping young businesses start out…. I’ve started a music studio…. I built it from the ground up…. It was hard but hard work pays off….. I was wondering if u wld be interested in helping my business …. Not much just the equipment I have done everything else… U won’t b sorry….plus once it’s done I plan on helping the sports and education for the kids…. I’m not sure if u know how it goes in richmond , but it’s off the hook… And none of the big name guys like ur self….. Never seem to show up….. But I know u cant be everywhere at once…. But if y’all can help… That wld be most appreciative…. N tell Kenny I said was up…. I seen him once in Arizona where my son was at a basketball tournament….. And can we play one on one … I think I can take kenney, and I think I can get u….. Peace much love linton acliese…. The name of my business is Hard Work Pays Off

  33. TINA CLARK says:


  34. bigtye says:


  35. Charles!! I have been a fan of yours for years. I like your expertise and comments on the games. You look very elegant with your suit and tie. What changed your mind? Whatever it was please keep it up. You look very elegant.

  36. Brian says:

    Lets talk about trades Chuck!

    Orlando seriously needs a face lift after the disaster that happened during the playoffs. Where is Gilbert Arena’s??
    This is my take. I want Orlando to get Gilbert Arena’s out of there. If high caliber players do not play at there full potential, send them to a sorry team. Trade Gilbert Arenas to the Toronto Raptors for Jose Calderon and Andrea B. Or for Leandro Barbosa.

  37. mugisha julius says:

    just following the finals here in Africa,Uganda. and yes amin was really mean.back to basketball now,anyone seeing a 4-2 series again.picking any brain out there

  38. mugisha julius says:

    hey Charles, you probably are sleeping now but,i would like your comment on my view.we watch Wednesday game at 4 a.m here

  39. sandy says:

    Kudos to Charles, ur 4-2 Mavs predictions bears out. Your are a genius.

  40. Juan says:

    charles you remember the carachter that johnny carson did when he wore the huru hat and put the envelope next to his heand to reveal what was in the envelope before he opend it. thats who you reminded me of when you said the mavs would win it in 6.thanks charles..go mavs

  41. Carlos says:

    Allen iverson to the knicks

  42. Gus says:

    Was up Charles I’m from Los Angeles and I’m big fun to Manu Ginobiliiiiiiii

  43. Ms Millie says:

    I love you Charles and watched you play when you was a boy. I could be your mother. I love the New York Kicks, but I think the Bulls are going to win. Charles I have been trying to get in touch with you. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, because I just had a spinal surgery but I do want to be inspired by you to get well and look forward to meeting you. My dream is to get better and play golf again. I am 64 years old, and please don’t think I pick you to inspire me because I think you can’t play golf, it is really because I haven’t play since my accident in 2008, and I want to meet you. When I get my legs to move and walk again to play that is what I love and that is golf I want it to be fun. Why you? I have always wanted to meet you, and when saw you learning golf I was happy I wanted to play then but I had that accident and couldn’t. So, now I have had a spinal surgery to make me walk better and play golf again. I hope you give me that honor.

  44. Newb says:

    I was like…man, “Charles Barkley is wearing a tie.!?” umm, I like that look. Called my husband in to see it and he said, in his Charles Barkley voice, “He might be wearing a tie, but I guarannnnteee you he has on sneakers,” all I could to do was tsk tsk tsk smh. Just ruined it for me..

  45. Ms Millie says:

    I love the NY Knicks but I think the Bulls will win. I love basketball, and watch Charles when he was a boy. Sorry I think the Bulls will win tonight,

  46. Andre Newman says:


    I thought I was the only noticing Labron’s head band being in the middle of his head. Maybe he wears it like that because he is going bald. Give him a lesson on shaving his head. Tell him Fusion is the best razor and use EDGE for sensitive skin.

  47. vernon says:

    why does charles say the same things over and over and over again? is he an intelligent “IDIOT”?

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