1. robert rambo says:

    Dont tony allen look like michael jordan

  2. Justin Ford says:

    Do you maimi can take it to another level and finish Boston in five?

  3. Terra Murphy says:

    Seriously, what do you have against okc?? Can we get some love or are you going to continue to say we are winning because our opponent is playing bad??

  4. Pete says:

    Great playoff! Congrats to MVP Rose…but cheerleaders need more airtime

  5. Irv jordan. says:

    What does d rose eat before games. he plays like he had 16 red bulls (no pun intended). Will it take 17 to finish the hawks?

  6. Delano Akins says:

    love your show watch every nite keep me laughing its great when your team lose.The Lakers by the way.

  7. havegunwilltrav says:

    LAKESHOW bounces back as KOBE delegates more rather than play the lead role and scores 23 or less as MR.ODOM makes an house call with a triple double and the lakeshow rounds up the little dogie’s as Dallas goes back to north Texas more puzzled before the series started in Los Angeles,California.

  8. Loda says:

    Hey Charles, do you think the Chicago Bulls have a chance to win the NBA title this season??..and if not, what will they have to do to win the NBA title in the coming years.

  9. Olbert Jerome says:

    With Miamis performance so far, do you have them coming out of the east?..
    If not, then who?

  10. Billy carroll says:

    How much do you weigh?

  11. manny says:

    hey charles i was shot and need motivation what do you recommend

  12. Rita Davis says:

    Why r u such a Kobe Bryant. Hater?

  13. chadillac says:

    aye chuck… did you ever have the honor of catching a karl malone elbow to the grill?

  14. Charles says:

    Hey Chuck, how are you going to view Lebron James legacy if he wins 6 rings with D. Wade?

  15. Parris says:

    I would like to know when Kenny got the name, (the Jet). From what I remember, he had a good jump shot but average speed and quickness’ I don’t remember that nick name during his playing days. I first heard it on Inside the NBA and had no problem with it until he made the comment the other night about, (they didn’t call him the Jet for nothing).
    please help

    • tay says:

      he got it in high school. a new york newspaper called him ‘the jet’. i dont think the nba used it until after the first championship he got with houston…so yea, he probably told reporters about that name around that time and that’s why it became official.

  16. Bug Marley says:

    How was working with Sascha Baron Cohen like?

  17. Brett says:

    Hey Charles, I know D Rose won the MVP; but who’s impressed you more during the playoffs? This years MVP D Rose or Dethroned MVP LeBron James?

  18. farhaan says:

    For real who do you think will win the bos. mia. series?????????????

  19. Chase Dixon says:

    Chuck why are you always hatin on the bulls they get it done. Drose is unstoppable, deng is a reliable scorer and noah cleans up the boards give them some credit. COME ON MAN

  20. christopher westbrooks says:

    Is it me or does Zach Randolph look like Eddie from tv series Family Matters?

  21. Laker Ray says:

    Just want to know why wasn’t Dirk tossed after an elbow to the back of the head to Ron?

  22. Duchess Charles says:

    Of course he should be suspended! He has a past history of doing things like this. Will he be suspended? Probably not.

  23. Faker Hater says:

    Wow! Could it be the day that the well deserving team with strong desire in the heart wins over the glamourus and over rated/paid cocky Fakers team? Finally, its REAL basketball team shooting the lights out over slow and old yellow team.
    Mavs are draining the water from the Lakes and arrigant Kobe (who?) can’t save with his circus acts. He’s the one “Tripping”:)

    Dirk Nowitzki should change his name to Dart Nowitzki because his shots are right on the spot. He should have been the MVP of the season this year.Hey Lakers fans, any wishful and dilusional believes? Where’s ur switch to turn on now? I guess that’s why I’m never a fan; fanatic, one who doesn’t see the truth. LOLOTF!

  24. primo says:

    a hommie your a laker hater u dont want to see them win huh any ways u gonna see friday how come we the champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not over they got use now we gonna get them

  25. Don Mitchell says:

    Mr Barkley, I did not know how to get a message to you any other way. I know the comments here are mainly about basketball. My comment is golf swing related. I am sure that you get lots of advise about your golf swing. I have been a golf teacher for 40 years and I know the golf swing inside and out. I am sure that what is going on with you is very mental not technique. I teach to tie into something you are familure with,something you were good at. I am sure at some point when you were a youth you tossed a basketball into a pitchback. To do this you coil your body into your back leg then you unwind your hips and upper core on the delivery to the pitchback. Take a 4 pound medicine ball and do the same motion. The big mucles support the motion. Mr. Barkley I know that you want to improve your golf swing. Try this drill with the medicine ball. If you are ever in the Temple Texas area please contact me.


  26. ray says:

    charles i like your honest approach, i know you all respect dirks playing but would all announcers plesae
    look at the spelling of his name and pronounce it right it is nowitski not novitski w not v also i played and
    officiated bb you 40 years i think something really needs done about flopping, the way charges are called and give the defensive player a break and don’t call a foul on them every time the offensive played just jumps into them. and my favorite when the jump shooter kicks his feet out to get contact and defense gets the foul WOW !! and i wish the refs would actually see contact before they call a foul. thanks ray

    • tay says:

      dirk is german, so i think the proper pronunciation is ‘novitski’ despite it being spelled with a ‘w’. ‘volkswagon’ is pronounced ‘volks-vagon’ in german.

  27. ray says:

    free throw shooter is terrible i am 60 years old have shot a ball in 3 years and i could still out shot half the league
    i do understand the guys with huge hands having a problem shooting them but a 6’3″ guard come on


  28. Tracey says:

    Should referees be monetarily charged for making wrong or no calls.

  29. Nate Da Gr8 says:

    Hey chuck have u ever thought about coaching? I think u would be a great leader however i dont think the league is ready for your aggressiveness!

  30. Sharon says:

    Can Miami win in Boston? Seems to me that the officials are a little prejudice to the Boston Celtics. Miami players are getting hit and they don’t see it but they see every time someone simply touch a Celtic.

  31. anthony johnson says:

    Question di dwayne wade guard dirrick rose in all the games they played in the reguarly season

  32. anthony johnson says:

    do not worry the celitics is not dead yet they are old but do not count them out . rivers has some tricks up his sleeve

  33. Asing says:

    Hi Mr. Barkley,

    I know the NBA is in the playoffs, but I need to know what you think Steve Nash has to do to get a RING.

    Thank you for you time, and I do love your site.


  34. Carlos says:

    Knicks need a point guard despretly they should get allen iverson

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