1. Gregg O says:

    I am truly disgusted at the officiating in the playoff’s. I have never seen inconsistancies. I will start by saying, I am a Magic fan, but I would like to think I am a rational person when it comes to fairness. I have seen Dwight get mugged as he was going up for a shot (with no call) and “the flopper” #11 from the Hawks not even get touched and fall down, and a foul called. David had better get ahold of his crew. When The deadliest catch has bettter ratings than the playoff game?????

  2. Charles what’s up , just wanted to know who you think,will win the east. Also who is best fit to beat Chicago? You have.been right so far.I’m counting on your advice.

  3. Shappy says:

    Do you think Jason Terry deserves the positive recognition that Kevin Mchale kept giving him as a commentater?
    Tonight Terry is throwing up bricks and Mchale is not critical of him at all. To me Terry is
    Overrated. What are your thoughts? Mchale calls him a Jet.

    • Shappy says:

      Terry picked his game up and started making shots vs first qtr. Tonight. Mchale seems more balanced with his commentary.
      The prior game Mchale was praising Terry’s every move. Terry missed several shots including a game winner
      in the game I’m referring to.

      • Shappy says:

        Terry went cold and is missing big shots down
        The stretch vs LA. Bash him !

  4. lee says:

    Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. You actually believe Kobe is better than Magic or Bird??
    Kobe has 16 triple doubles in 15 years. Bird has 56. Magic over 100. Kobe just barely makes it in the top 5 for Lakers. I would take kareem, west, baylor, and magic over him. Chamberlain in his days prior to LA. Sorry Chuck.

  5. Mel says:

    I have a problem listening to a certain (former) player thats announcing the Knocks games. The Knick organization need to get rid of those person(s) who speak negatively against the team at game time. All that wheeling / dealing nonsense need to stop!! This particular person is very bais.. He speaks against the Knick all the time, it upsetting at times. His comments are in favor of the other side. Something is wrong with that picture. We NEED a chang in N.Y.
    The organization need more positive announcer that call the shots / fouls/ exactly as is.. Too much of this wheeling and dealing nonsense, I cant take it anymore, We are in 21st century here!! Love Ya Chuck!

  6. JSon says:

    LAKERS GONNA WIN. Stop Hatin.

  7. Sarah says:

    I would like to know the statistics for if a team wins the first game in the playoffs how likely are they to win the series. Thanks!

  8. Janice says:

    Gregg O, I agree wholeheartedly with your comment of about the officials, and it’s getting worse. Smells like a setup.

  9. Shappy says:

    Do you respond to any posts?
    Come on Chuck!
    Get to work!

  10. Laker fan says:

    Chucky why are you talking mess about the Lakers? How many rings do you have????????

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