1. Steven Kostadinovski says:

    To Charles,

    I’m from Australia and I see some tnt and espn broadcasts but why the he’ll does everyone have to rant about LeBron James all the time. There are other superstars out their that are just as good or even better then him but they don’t get enough attention towards Aka Kevin Durant. Secondly who do you think is the best best reserve point guard in the league today? I suggest Nate Robinson

  2. damien says:

    Hi Charles,
    Do you think LeBron regrets his decision, especially with hometown guys actually wanting to play in (or as close) to their hometown?

    Do you think LeBron’s mom should be charged with a hate crime as she dropped “n” bomb and slurs to a Haitian? If we want to be truly equal, she should. Btw, I am a black american.

    Thanks and I remember ur words of encouragement at the Intercontinental in ATL.



  3. tim tebbe says:

    charles you are probably never going to see this, but are you kidding me? rose goes to the hole and gets a hard foul from old whats his face and your telling e.j. and kenny that it was to hard of a foul. cmon chuck do even remember when you played how many times you flat out creamed somebody and then after the play threw in a stare to drive home the message? dont get to hypocritical in your old age.

  4. Muh says:

    Hey chuck, I got a question for you. Who do you think would win these series in the eastern conference semis. Celtics, and heat. Magic and bulls. Tough one. By the way, I’m 11.

  5. Muh says:

    Sorry, second question. Who do you think is the best scorer, 3 point shooter, assister, rebounder, and just the best player in the NBA.

  6. Penny Friday says:

    Charles, thank you for acknowledging All My Children and One Life to Live. You commented it is like a death – YOU ARE SO CORRECT. I have watched AMC since early 70’s. You are in the business – Is there anything we can do to prevent to ending of both shows? Between you and all of us trillions of lifelong fans- can’t we all band together and stop it?
    Thank you for your site to be able to share with you.
    I appreciate your down to earthness….

  7. Shappy says:

    Charles, I like Kevin Mchale, but he is too much of a Jason Kidd and Jason Terry fan. 1. Jason Kidd is a great player and he had improved his shot dramatically. However, he is a wife cheater ANC a wife beater! Jason Terry is no Jet. Kenny Smith is correct on that point. Case in point, he hit one three down the stretch tonight and missed a game winning open look and two other key shots. I’m a seller of Terry all day long! Dirk is a class act.

  8. Linda Burch says:

    Hey Charles! I look forward to listening to your comments on the NBA, I am a big fan of yours. But, I want you to know that your slam on the OKC Thunder doesn’t rile me up at all, in fact I think it is funny. We know our talent, and even though you are for the Denver Nuggets the proof is on the court! I mean this is good spirit, but everyone can tell that you haven’t liked the Thunder from the beginning, but we still would like you to visit some time!

  9. charles-luved your career as a player and luv you more as a commentator because you always keep it real. tonight you were they only one that saw through kobe and the fake ankle sprain.
    ever notice he is always hurt just enough to avoid an interview after a good spanking. he does the same thing when he can see that they are headed for an unavoidable loss. tell the producers to get the films together for you.
    kobe coaches kobe not phil. every other superstar is wanted by any other team in the nba. nobody wants kobe. ever wonder why?
    thanks for doing what you do charles and keep it real.

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