1. LeToyia says:

    That was your New Year’s resolution like a year ago wasn’t it? lol I remember you had said that you would do a playoff game in Spanish, but when it came time for the playoffs last season, you weren’t ready. Now it’s this years’ playoffs almost and your blaming college basketball! lol No more excuses Chuck! lol

  2. Blue says:

    Chuck is Funny as Hell

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Chuck,

    I highly recommend that you get the Spanish audio learning program from Pimsleur Language courses. (Google it.) I’ve used Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur and I’ve found Pimsleur to be much more effective. It’s easier to use on the go and it’s structure is better for doing your lesson and then being done with it for the day. You also learn to converse immediately so your progress is reinforced by being able to use your limited new language skills in the real world right away.

    I don’t work for either of these companies or any language or publishing company for that matter. I used the Pimsleur course to learn Italian entirely on my own and then used Rosetta Stone to continue my practice. I learned Italian so that I could speak to the parents of my girlfriend. I’m pleased to say that at home in NY and while visiting Italy I’ve actually been complemented on my Italian by native speakers. That is what gives me confidence that you, too , will benefit from Pimsleur, should you try it. I’m now using it to learn Spanish. I live in NYC and I frequently visit family that lives in LA so there is no good excuse for me not to learn Spanish.

    I’d like to see you succeed at learning Spanish. I think you’ll be very pleased if you take my advice.

    Good luck with all that you do, Chuckster.


  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Chuck, huge fan. I too had a goal to learn spanish. After I graduated college, I used up some money I had saved to travel to Latin America and take spanish classes (1 on 1 with a spanish speaker for 7 hours a day) for 2 and a half months in a spanish immersion school. It. was tough at first but I put all my focus into it and I was living in a spanish speaking area so I was forced to learn. When I got back to the U.S.A I was conversational. I kept up with the study by volunteering with immigrants and now (less than a year later) my spanish is decent. I figure a guy with your resources (maybe during the offseason) could do something like that no problem.

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