1. hot sizzle says:

    I agree Charles.. But Dont You Think Its Easier For you To Say THat, since You Became Established in THE NBA?? MOney is priority to black communities which is WHY WE SEEK THE EASY WAY OUT or best effective way out.. SUppressed for 400 years, unlawful discrimination seeking jobs.. We are not allowed to wear our hair how it was meant to be.. While Whites can Grow their hair, pigtail, straighten it, etc.. the minute a black guy gets braids, or afro, or dreads we are racial profiled as criminals..white world, they make the rules, we find the loopholes.. simple.. to answer ur question

  2. SGB says:

    Well Chuck educating yourself is a key component in achieving a certain level of success. But I think that ingenuity and creativity is an even bigger part of the equation. And that doesn’t always mean going to college. We live in the age of information, and you can learn about anything that you want via the internet. It’s not the lack of information available today, just the unwillingness to apply it. College is a meat market, a business, heck worse than professional sports. At least if you can’t play they tell you to go home. But college, if you can pay you play (attend that school) for the most part. Then you have students carry massive amounts of debt after school, bam back at square one. So if you are more athletically inclined the others by all means take your shot at play pro on some level. Some of the most success entrepreneurs in the world don’t have a secondary education. And no one is hounding them about “why didn’t you finish school or go to school. So I stead of just saying get an education, lets encourage or young brothers and sisters to have a plan for their life, their future, because pro sports nor going to college is “the end all be all” for them.

  3. Education is important, but school will ALWAYS be there. The opportunity to be an instant millionaire will not. While, all people should be educated and have backup plans, to ask a kid to stay in college when he’s a lock to be picked in the first round of the NBA draft, that’s not good advice.

    If a kid was in an auto mechanic trade school, and he (for some hypothetical reason) was offered a multi-million dollar job with BMW to work there and leave school early, then who in their right mind would tell that kid to stay in school and turn down a guaranteed high-paying job.

    I dropped out of college to start a business, and haven’t looked back since. I have gone on to start multiple businesses over the year, and achieved everything through a good attitude, work ethic, relationships, and constant self-improvement. School works for most people, but there are tons of college drop-outs who were better off leaving school than staying in school. Check out Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson. For jocks, Troy Aikman left early, then went back and got his degree 20 years later.

    I say get that money if it’s there, and the first dollars spent should be on a good personal manager and great money management firm with a reputable history of preparing athletes for a post-NBA career while they have the big money now.

  4. bess says:

    If I hear one time how great Louisville is ill be sick jump ball be fanned Louisville plays dirtiest game I ever watched fouls reaches etc they don’t play basketball they r animals. As 4awhiemans world I am white an my. Great grandfather died so u can live in the past Anne free to do so. What have done to better the people’s rights

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