Charles and Kenny are sick of the Miami Heat.


  1. Allen says:

    This is the problem with what Jet and Barkely said…. If they don’t say anything they are gonna get criticized and called babies even more and people are gonna say they have bad attitudes and they are going to hate them even more if possible, than they already do. If they do talk which they have been, they still get criticized… Well, I’m tired of the media and people acting like they have to talk about them every single day… As much as they get criticized by so called “experts” and people complain about them talking so much, why do they waste time talking about them then? Move on…. The Decision, and the Big 2 because Bosh is weak, are not going to win any championships anytime soon. Matter of fact they will be lucky to win 1 in 5yrs. But the bashing is annoying because people are going out of their way to make stupid comments. Granted, they bring some on themselves and their inexperienced coach is not helping or their GM who got rid of a whole team and brought in players that my pickup league teams can beat… But, enough is enough. People get mad when you don’t things the way they want you to and this is a prime example. Don’t put expectations on a team that hasn’t played together a whole season yet, hasn’t been coached by someone who knows what they are doing yet, or a GM who knows what pieces to put around them yet… Jordan, Duncan, Magic, Bird, or anyone else didn’t win anything with 2 players or a coach who didn’t know what they were doing.. They needed role players, and pieces around them to contribute and mesh together… THis team isn’t even close so why people expected so much is ridiculous… And Jet and Barkley, and everyone else should have known that. But because of all the “hoopla” they had their blinders on…

  2. sixbird1 says:

    The Miami Heat have the perfect players to run the triangle offense. Lebron and Wade can play the Scottie and Mike Role. Chris Bosh can pick and pop all day because he is not really a back to the basket player neither were any of the Chicago Bulls centers. Bibby or Miller can spot up and shoot threes. It would be a perfect offense for them to run.

  3. Mett says:

    Charles and Kenny are going to get embarassed this year, jut like Kobe got embarassed with his Christmas present and Spring cleaning gift from the Heat that sent him back in the arena to practice after getting taken by Wade down the stretch. The bottom line is that depite all the hype, the Heat have the best athletes. Using this superior athleticism to consistently generate turnovers on defense with blocks, steals, deflections, 24-second violations, etc., and continue what we already know on offense with Wade and Lebron at 25 points a game EACH, NO team in the league will be able to beat them in the playoffs. Not Boston, Chicago, the Spurs or the Lakers – it’s the Heat’s year, and Charles (in his heart-of-hearts) knows it.

    The scarey thing is that the Heat can actually get better. With Bosh facing the basket and driving, and Bibby getting back into playoff form hitting 3s and generating turnovers on defense, we are talking about multiple 4-0 sweeps all the way to June.

  4. Heat Man says:

    Leave the Heat alone. How together were you at 26? You’ll never have a championship, these guys probably will. Ease up and chill out. I like you, but you are crazy, at times. Everybody connected with the NBA has profited by Bosh and James coming to Miami. Be thankful for what you’ve got!

    This Is The Heatman361

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