1. Charles which big 3 do u think will go the farthest in the playoffs:a. rose/boozer/noah b.lebron/wade/bosh c.stoudamire/billups/carmelo d.garnett/pierce/rondo or e. kobe/odom/gasol??

  2. Shawn S. says:

    Charles, what the hell is going on with the league? Seems that everyone is trading their top players.

  3. Erik Y. says:

    Charles, what do you think of O.J. Mayo going to Indiana for hardly anything, and will he be able to reach his full potential there?

  4. Houseman89 says:

    Kenton just proved & showed why he went to Miami! Before that last possession where he got the and1 he was terrified to take over the game! Those 5 possessions b4 he was looking to defer to wade or bosh, may I add bosh was 1 for 18. @ that point! Wade has to recognize the cowardness in his teammate now so that he can demand the ball late. If they plan on winning close big games! They were up 1 & penetration by lebron would have created a foul or better yet a wide open shot for a shooter! He picked his dribble up against Noah 20 ft away from the basket… Hahaha! I’m embarrassed my son loves this cat!!

  5. Les Powell says:

    First of all I would like to say that you are right about diabetes and high blood pressure as problems in the black community. I have been diabetic for 16 yrs due to the fact that I ate everything on the menu except thank you and please come again. I do have it under control with my medications that I take but I feel like a drug addict dealing with addictions day to day. I hope you win your battle with your weight cause I struggle with that too being that I need to loose another 60 lbs myself. Now to basketball finally. I think the bulls will not win the NBA title unless they get some one that can start, play defense, and has a outside shot all in one. I also don’t think that the heat will go far in the playoffs cause they have no half court offense to boast about. which leaves the celtics to win the east unless they loose to the bulls beat them and win the east. I also think the lakers will not repeat cause they have the wrong approach to the game at this time. They need to play every game like the season ends tomorrow and the win means the best record for home court advantage. Thank you for taking the time to read this Charles.

  6. Norm says:

    Here we are at DAL 3-2 in the gallop to the 2011 Finals Championship-word has it that Lebron’s distractions off the court is leading to a declining fan base for his game, that has been MIA, on the court-as of late, and I don’t mean the abbreviation for Miami either..,

    …Missing in Action- so Lebron, if passes this on to you, make like Stella and get your groove back.

    And for you Sir Charles, I’m a big fan, but what happened to the whole thing with Twitter users (those that I call “social networking junkies”) these people you once referred as not having a life. I agreed with you, buddy. Now it appears that you rely on these computer zombies for your fan base- on your venture here with Turner,
    I’m not mad. We still boys, I’m entering your Chuck’s Bucks. Peace

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