1. Jay Bird says:

    Kevin Mchale?? Kevin was a great player.. But if you swap mchale with the “dream” would kenny have two rings?? Would the Rockets ever won a ring?? I know the celtics would have been unstopable!! Chuck maybe you should label this the best player you ever gaurded. Otherwise get Mchale off this list ASAP!

    • Donald Kilgo says:

      Hey Jay, I understand your great amount of respect for MJ, but Barkley rarely matched up with him… realize that if Barkley was checking him, the coach threw evebody on the team @ him til Barley said F@&;: this I got him,LOL!!

  2. Agree with you Jay:) But much respect KM for his panache in the paint:)

  3. onion dome says:

    Barkley has always given props to McHale for being a great power forward and a very difficult match-up, I’m sure he was extremely difficult to guard 1 on 1.

    The question is whether there is a difference between offense and defense here, because none of those guys on that list could check Barkley. Watching game tape from back in the day makes it clear how much of a dominating force Barkley was. My favorite PF of all time.

    The only film I’ve seen of Barkley getting even sort of shut down is this clip, and it features a player who is not on Barkley’s list:


    Anyway, Barkley is awesome. So is Pippen. So is McHale. So is Duncan.

  4. k. guill says:

    Barkley, the greatest player to never get a ring!

  5. Abel Chavez says:

    Barkley put up more stuff from now. I think i speak for everyone when I say your comments about current topics are more interesting than basket ball games from 20 years ago. Not to disrespect. There should just be a section for both.

  6. David King says:

    In my own way I want to be a part of the movement, message & positive changes of the world lead by the M.L.K. of my day! I believe that by becoming President of the U.S. Barack Obama is just as important or has surpassed M.L.K. in importance to the Black, minority community & the world. OBAMA FOR THE WORLD – World’s Theme Song For Barack Obama!


  7. David says:

    No shout out for Gheorghe Mureşan?

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