1. fonz112 says:

    Thank you I hope all young people hear this and for all those who have the t.v. in 2 seater cars behind the head rest where neither person in the car can watch need to stop it too!

  2. Joshua says:

    I totally agree! You’ve got your head on straight Chuck.

  3. Kris says:

    Isn’t that the point of buying an expensive car in the first place? To impress someone? Chuck I’m sure your not driving a 92 civic…. It’s the same reason you wear a nice watch with a suit,a ten dollar casio would do the same right? I think it’s stupid too but not really a rant. What’s next crinkle cut fries? I mean they tast like regular fries, should I not order them? I mean I don’t want to be a show off….

  4. Switch says:


    You can do so much better. This video isn’t even a proper rant. Just you saying: It’s stupid.

    Next time: More energy, more feeling

  5. Nick says:


  6. A Tillman says:

    Good point chuck but bad example about not being able to see it while a person is driving. A person cannot see themselves when they drive a car but that does not mean they will not buy a luxury vehicle. If you would have pointed out the depreciation factor or the point that it does not add financial value to car, increase a persons financial expenditure at the pump, less traction control etc. It would have came off better. Chuck whoever directing you to use these type of rants to promote your site is off key. Myself like most people watch inside the NBA so we can watch you unload the real deal without all that sugarcoating the others do. Hell sometimes I bypass the games just to watch inside the nba when the games are not worth watching. This site need to reflect you being raw and uncut like we have grown to know you to be since the 80’s. When that happen the site will take off. Try convos/ debates with other basketball legends about the state of todays game. It might inspire most of the bums playing today to step their game up.

  7. Lakers3Peat!!! says:

    I agree Chuck, keep them coming!

  8. Kevin says:

    Its true what youre saying but at the same time he/she wants to show theyre successful.
    So idk what that one.

  9. Tex Tyle says:

    If you, Iverson, Snow, Igadala, and Coleman were together under Doug Collins coaching, would that ring be in Philly?

  10. Ted Mishima says:

    What are ree ims?

  11. Chuck Willis says:

    Hello! Hey Chas &Kenny: It’s spelled:G-o-o-g-l-e,look it up&u cant b wrng Carribean people,incldg Puerto Ricons r desendnts of Afr.The 1st Afr who entrd PuertoRico wz a fre man w/Ponce de Leon. Free& slave Afrs cont 2 live there4 centries. Roberto Clemente wz of Afr descent & brk the color line 4 Puerto Ricans(AfroCubans)in maj league baseball.He wz a humni- tarian who died trying 2 hlp oths. He shld be acknwldgd 4BlkHstMo w/LarryDoby,the1st AfrAmer in baseballs AmerLg 11wks aftJack- ieRobsn broke the color barrier. Lstn 2 BobMrlys ‘BuffaloSoldr’ Th kinship is wht HaliSalasi,Garvey, MalcX &Marley called PanAfrica. Im an NBA fan in CleveOh. My 27yr old son has wtchd the gm pre&post gm analysis since birth & would mk a grt fan analyist! My dgt is completing a motivtl bk & has a motvtl Fcbk pg:KayWillis EmpoweringOthers.Can u snd them a shoutout & get us tkts 2 ur TNT studio 4 a game? We love this game! Thx! ChuckWillis a NBA fan in CleveOh chas4oh10@yahoo.com

  12. GW says:

    Is that a trick question Chuck?
    Cmon man, why dont people put rims on cars is a much better question

  13. CHARLES pETERSON says:


  14. Rich Perez says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Great rant on the rims, how about those spinners people use to have that was hilarious huh! 🙂 Great work keep it up!

  15. Rodney says:

    Charles has a valid point. Makes a lot of sense. But this website is stil TUUURRRIBULL!!!!!

  16. Dave says:

    And nowwwwwwww…..deep thoughts with Jack Handey.

  17. D says:

    For some people, yeah to impress people first, THEN GET ROBBED THE NEXT!! That’s a great point Chuck!!

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