1. Hani Rekieh says:

    Well said Charles.

  2. mike smith says:

    If you do the research on this guy, the only place he should be is in rehab & family counseling without any question. He needs professional help LONG before he gets handouts from people who feel sorry for him. Pity will never fix his problems. Long term treatment will. It’s despicable to think that struggling broadcasters across the country will never get noticed while he gets applauded for being a down & out hard luck story when all his “bad luck” is self inflicted & part of a disease he can’t beat on his own & money can’t repair. I am completely opposed to any amount of help he gets unless it’s in the form of drug treatment & family counseling focusing on domestic violence. I’m not a hater, I’m an intelligent person who sees this happen all the time. people need help first.

    • André says:

      I guess someone needs to play devil’s advocate, but Ted Williams is as much a person recovering as any other. Rather than bring him down to our level though, we should build him into an example for all drug addicts and down-and-out people. You’re right about him not being able to recover off of pity, but the more commentators and media relay his success story, the more people become motivated and hopeful for a better life. “If Ted can do it, why can’t I?”

  3. Jay Saluta says:

    YOUR the men Charles and Ted

  4. EDDIE V. says:

    Sir Charles good job always give a second chance to prove and learn from their mistake .

  5. Marshall M says:

    My God is a God of second chances. My wife and I wish you (Ted) all the best. Keep looking up. Remember your mistakes only for your betterment. Thanks Charles for recognizing Ted and encouraging him. We love watching you on TNT.

  6. rick says:

    Sir charles big fan I like how u keep it real.don’t ever change.

  7. BG says:

    Well said Charles. It pisses me off when I read other articles or blogs, and commenters say he’ll be back on the street in no time. Completely unnecessary.

    I pray for the best for Ted, and that he truly gets his life on track. I think he’s doing the right thing by laying low and staying out of the spotlight.

  8. tony says:

    Hey Chuck I applaud your comments on Ted Williams everyone else can put his situation under a microscope but a kind message like yours is not out of line and I’m sure it will make him feel good (when the haters & Beck’s of the world have their negative slant on him) he will remember what you said & smile


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