1. fonz112 says:

    You said you were working your ass off, I saw alot of ass still left so continue to work at it!

  2. Tracy Big Sis Johnson says:

    I hope you aren’t leaving the TNT crew. The chemistry on that show is just ridiculous. I love all you guys and hope to one day be sitting next to you guys commentating.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Chuck,
    I’m totally happy to find this internet appearence and very glad to be the first poster 😉
    Greetings from Germany.
    ps. I’ll never forget the Monster jams… hangin the rim

  4. jose serrano says:

    about time charles! I always like the way you are, been stray foward no matter who like it or not. keep on doing a great job. God bless u and ur family. thanks jose.

  5. Bill says:

    Nice, finally a Chuck portal! I’m a huge fan, so that’s great to see. Now, y’all need to get Chuck’s Remix in here for download! At least on iTunes or something! Sure a lot of people want that. I may be wrong… but I doubt it.

  6. Street Cred Sports says:


  7. jay says:

    When I was a teenager and played in them summer bball tornaments. I would watch the barkley tape. you know like the come fly with me jordan tape. NBA had a bunch of tapes, but the Barkley tape was the best one. I wish I could get a DVD of that Barkley tape. Man was a beast on the court. Theres one dunk that I still can in vision, he comes straight down the lane and flys like superman. Ball in front legs behing him, and dunks the ball, he dives in the air and dunks, swings on the rim. just nasty

  8. El Sheshtawy says:

    Charles, you have your unique charachter and that’s why we are happy about your new website, what I like to see more on your website is to add links to any show or activity you participate in.

  9. daniel says:

    were you as difficult to work with on this shoot as you are on “inside” with earnie and kenny?

  10. Love it Chuck. You know the TNT crew will have a laugh at this by photoshopping food in the background. Kenny and Ernie will want to replace that basketball with a sandwich.

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